We Build to the Opportunity.

The LA River can be the single greatest transformation of Los Angeles in the 21st century. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the course of LA. It’s not often that you can make an impact at this scale, along the full 51-miles of the river pathway.

We are building visionary projects. We will break ground on the first philanthropically funded bridge in LA--the landmark La Kretz Crossing to connect East and West at North Atwater Park.

An LA River Greenway can improve quality of life in LA. Our projects foster job creation, economic development, improved public health, and community revitalization. There opportunities for alternative transport, small business development, enhanced public amenities, and recreational green space.

Our focus is to connect the missing LA Greenway path segments. We work to improve the river corridor with cafes, benches, drinking fountains, bike racks and other features that will make the LA River an attractive outdoor destination.

As a nonprofit, we create community and economic benefit for all. As a social enterprise, we have the know-how to translate good works into good business. We act as a hub to bring together public, private and philanthropic partners to make LA River projects happen.

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