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Please sign our petition to Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez in support of AB 1922, The Greenway Development and Sustainment Act.

You can learn more about AB 1922 here.

Dear Assemblymember Gomez,

I strongly support AB 1922 in order to develop Greenways in California as a means to promote greater coordination in developing open space, continuous non-motorized corridors, transformative economic zones and attractive destinations. 

As you know too many urban communities do not have access to open space. In Los Angeles City alone, over 1.8 million people do not live within walking distance of a park or other form of open space. Mayor Garcetti's administration has pledged to increase access to the LA River and space access throughout the City.

AB 1922 promotes the development of a Los Angeles River Greenway to transform the Los Angeles River corridor and revitalize local neighborhoods, create multiple spaces for recreation and art, improve much needed urban green space and natural environment, support a more integrated and sustainable water system and attract investment to boost the local economy.

Specifically, AB 1922 establishes Greenways as a pedestrian, non-motorized vehicle and recreational corridor, which we agree should be eligible for alternative fuels funding, transportation funding, and other non-traditional river funding. In addition, it is vital that access to lands to create these forms of mobility corridors is granted through greenway designation of lands and establishment of conservation easements.

This Greenway Development and Sustainment Act is a perfect way for the State to acknowledge and take advantage of the existing resources that are ripe for investment, through both public and public-private funding mechanisms, to create new and/or sustain existing public infrastructure at all levels. A greenway provides a social and natural resource amenity that can be utilized and enjoyed for generations to come.

Thank you for sponsoring this bill.

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