Greenway 2020

Greenway 2020 is a movement bringing together all Angelenos to realize a new vision for the Los Angeles River by the year 2020. Our Greenway 2020 campaign is working with public and private partners to complete a continuous 51-mile Greenway adjacent to the LA River by the year 2020. The Greenway will be a public destination worthy of our city—complete with parks, gathering space, and dining amenities. Join us in creating a new way of living in Los Angeles—the Greenway.



For too long, Angelenos have been stuck in a concrete landscape. The new Greenway of Los Angeles will connect our neighborhoods, ease our commutes, build healthier space, invest in our communities, and restore our river’s natural beauty. However, the Greenway is more than just a pathway for transportation—it will be a destination itself, charting new possibilities from bike-in movies to yoga classes.

The Greenway is a new way of living for Los Angeles, connecting our beautiful neighborhoods, connecting our natural landscapes, and connecting to one another. Instead of crowded streets and honking horns on your morning commute, imagine chirping birds, flowing water, and numerous coffee shops along the way to work.

Families have longed for more open space for recreation. The Greenway creates healthier spaces where families can ride bikes, play in parks, and breath fresh air along the water.

We all deserve more than a river of cars and concrete. We’ve found a better way—the Greenway.


Our LA River has long been disguised, but momentum is on our side. The Greenway is already in motion—from kayaking to fishing, biking to picnicking, families are using the river more and more every day. Because Angelenos are enjoying the river today, we are spreading the word to create even more exciting opportunities for tomorrow.

We’ve already connected 26 miles. Now, we need to work together to fill in the gaps so the path would run continuously from San Fernando Valley to Long Beach, complete with amenities along the way. To do this, we are building a movement - from community organizations, business association, foundations and elected leaders- to make this vision a reality.

What are some of the successes?

  • The La Kretz Crossing—the first philanthropically funded bridge in Los Angeles. This highly designed 302-foot long pedestrian, equestrian, and cyclist bridge will link Griffith Park to Atwater Village
  • NBC Universal and Universal Studios Hollywood donated $13 million to extend the existing 7-mile River path from Griffith Park Zoo to Lankershim Boulevard by 2016.



In partnership with Golden Road Brewing, we are pleased to present our very own 2020 IPA. The custom IPA is an ode to our Greenway 2020 Campaign. A portion of the proceeds of every can/pint purchased goes back to the LA River Corp, so you can feel satisfied knowing your fervent beer-drinking is for a good cause. The 2020 IPA is a part of Golden Road's Custom IPA series and will be available until April 2014 at local bars, Whole Foods and other participating retailers. 

We are so thrilled to partner with Golden Road Brewing to build awareness of the campaign and our shared vision of the future of the LA River. Building a cleaner, greener and more connected Los Angeles along the L.A. River takes enthusiasm and commitment. Meg Gill, Tony Yanow and the entire team at Golden Road continue to demonstrate that you can have fun while making a difference. This innovative partnership is a prime example of how river adjacent businesses can get involved and support community efforts along the LA River. 

The beer itself is quite fabulous and sold out at on draft and in stores at Golden Road Brewery within 3 days! So please join us at one of our 2020 IPA Happy Hours or pick up at 4-pack (or two) at a store near you.


Our mission is to transform not only the river, but also how people engage with the river and the city. Join us in creating a new way for LA, and get involved.

There are plenty of ways for you to amplify your support for Greenway 2020. Find out more here:



Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation advocates for the selection and implementation of Alternative 20 of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study. Alternative 13 inadequately meets the demands of ecosystem restoration and economic development.

Our federal government is already behind revitalizing the LA River. Choosing Alternative 20 would ensure the LA River is a conservation legacy of the 21st century. President Obama chose the LA River as one of seven sites selected in Urban Waters Federal Partnership, which seeks to implement the Americas Great Outdoors Initiative.  In order to meet the requirements of the Initiative, the Corps must select a plan that fully restores the river to stimulate regional and local economies, create local jobs, improve the quality of life, and protect Americans’ health by revitalizing urban waterways in under-served communities.

The Army Corps’ LA River Ecosystem Restoration Study’s 11-mile scope from Griffith Park to Downtown is a vital component of LA River Corp’s Greenway 2020 movement to complete a continuous 51-mile Greenway adjacent to the LA River. If we restore the Los Angeles River’s habitat to the full potential of Alternative 20, we will be one step closer to creating a publicly-accessible cherished and celebrated natural resource—a destination worthy of our world-class city. Terracing the banks is a chance to inspire our imaginations, build positive community investment and grow our regional economy. Alternative 13 would not provide that opportunity. According to the Corp’s own analysis, full restoration of the river, represented by Alternative 20, will provide 425% more economic redevelopment employment and 400% more economic redevelopment income than Alternative 13.  

When we restore a wildlife habitat, we are also building healthier spaces where families can ride bikes, play in parks, for improved quality-of-life—breathing fresh air along the open water. That is why the LA River Corp has been working to accelerate the Army Corps’ study, a requisite step to attract a significant federal investment to improve our environmental quality. A comprehensive Army Corps contribution will build upon long-standing local commitments and bring us miles closer to realizing our vision by 2020.

To learn more about the Army Corps' ARBOR Study, click here.


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