You Can Change the Course of LA.


The LA River Corp will change the course of LA. Our objective is to create healthy, vibrant communities with greater open space, enhanced green infrastructure, and better recreational facilities.

We are a non-profit venture charged with catalyzing responsible real estate and related economic development along the LA River. Our mission is to transform the LA River to improve people’s lives by carrying out sustainable land use projects, advocacy for river friendly policy, and programs for community benefit.

We are working to create a continuous 51-mile greenway corridor that will run along a restored LA River. Think of it as a linear Central Park—a grand public space that will redefine how we move through Los Angeles. The LA River can connect people throughout Los Angeles, restore natural habitat in some of the most park-poor communities in the country, and leave an open space legacy for generations to come.

We can enhance the quality of life in a city hungry for green space and strengthen communities by restoring the LA River to a vibrant green corridor that people from throughout the country will want to visit and enjoy.

Will you help us change the course of LA? Create the city where you want to live. Enjoy the LA River. Join Us.


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Aug 08
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